How to Plan Non-Salary Expenses on a Project.Task in EPBCS Form 3.3


This KBA is intended to assist budget preparers using the Oracle Planning and Budgeting system, also known as Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS), to budget non-compensation expenses for a designated project and task in Form 3.3 Enter Project Expenses


Critical Concepts


Steps to Take

Navigating to Form 3.3 to Enter Project Expenses

  1. On the EPBCS Home screen, click on Tasks icon
  2. Under Tasks: All Task Lists section, click on triangle next to 3 – Review and Manage Project Budgets (Optional) to render the list of related forms
  3. Click on 3.3 Enter Project Expenses to render the form:  

4. Confirm that the Point of View information in Years, Scenario Base Budget, Version Working, EFinUnit, Fund, Function, and Project contains the correct parameters

5. If Function and Project fields are not displayed, click on the >> to view them


Adding a Default Set of Budget Expenditure Categories 

  1. Position mouse cursor so it hovers over the Point of View
  2. Right click to expand the Actions Menu
  3. Select Add Default Expenditure Categories

4. The PRJ_AddExpCategories dialog box displays

5. Confirm details are correct, if changes are needed, click on the Member Selector icon (circled) and follow prompts to update data

6. Once the correct details are identified, click on the Launch button

7. A notification will display confirming that PRJ_AddExpCategories was successful, click OK

8. In the Enter Project Expenses dialog box, fill in the annual numbers for each relevant Expenditure Type in the Year Total data entry box, the annual amount will be spread evenly across the 12 months of the fiscal year

9. If more granular detail needs to be entered by month or quarter, click on the + icon next to YearTotal to expand the columns, enter data and click Save when finished

10. Confirmation dialog box displays that the data was saved, click OK

11. If data entry is complete, click Close in the upper right

Adding Individual Expenditure Type(s) 

  1. Click on the Actions button or right-click on the Point of View to expand the Actions menu, select Add Individual Expenditure Type(s) 

2. A window titled PRJ_AddExpType will display, to the right of Select Expenditure Type(s), click on the Member Selector icon 

3. If the number of the desired Expenditure Type is known, it can be entered in the Search Account search bar, if not, under Account, select the right arrow next to ProjectAccts 

4. Under Project Accts, click on the right arrow next to NetTotal, it will expand with the list of Expenditure Categories

5. Each one starts with EC_..., select the category that relates to the desired Expenditure Type and click on the right arrow next to it, e.g. EC_Operating Expenses 

6. Click on the grey check mark that appears when the cursor hovers to the left of an Expenditure Type, a blue check mark will display to indicate the Expenditure Type is selected

7. Repeat the steps of expanding Expenditure Categories under NetTotal and selecting the Expenditure Types in corresponding column until all the desired ones are displayed in the Selections column, then click OK 

8. User will be returned to the PRJ_AddExpType dialog box, click Launch

9. Confirmation dialog box displays confirming PRJ_AddExpType was successful, click OK

10. Enter YearTotal budget figure in the newly added line, click Save

11. When finished entering all budget figures, click Close


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket