Logistics: Student Mail - FAQ


Student Mail Services provides sorting and distribution of mail and packages for campus student residents and residential life personnel


Q: What happens to a student's mail when the student moves off campus?


Q: Where does misnamed/misaddressed mail go?


Q: Who can be contacted if a piece of mail or package has gone missing?


Q: Is there a phone number for Student Mail?

A: While we do have a phone number for Student Mail, we recommend that students contact us through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal for faster service

Q: Why is there mail for so many different people in a single mailbox?


Q: What should I do if a mailbox is stuck?

A: To create a support case with Facilities Management, send an email to servicedesk@ucsd.edu and include your mailbox number, location, and a detailed description of the problem

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket