Recycling Non-Hazardous Pipette Tips



Recycle your ART and SoftFit-L pipette tips, tip boxes, and associated plastic packaging using the Thermo Fisher pipette tip recycling program. By recycling your pipette tips, you’ll be reducing the plastic waste going to landfills and providing an end-of-life solution that helps achieve our sustainability goals.

Essential Information

Next Steps


Using the original cardboard shipping box:

  1. Line the box with the plastic bag (provided)
  2. Collect pipette tips, tip boxes, and plastic wrap in shipping box


When the box is full:

  1. Close the plastic bag with the twist tie (provided)
  2. Remove any prior shipping labels from the box
  3. Complete waiver form downloaded from the portal and place it in the box
  4. Close box and securely tape the bottom and top


Ship for free:

  1. Add your address to the prepaid shipping label downloaded from the portal
  2. Affix the shipping label to the outside of the box
  3. Ship box via FedEx™ delivery service


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or email Lynda Ta (