How To Review Oracle & Concur Access Requests as an Approver


This document serves as the guide for approving Oracle and Concur role requests and will help you to:

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Log into Services and Support
2. Click My Stuff and then click Approvals

3. Select the Requested Item (starts with RITM) to view the details of the request (example below

The type of request is shown after the person's name:

4. Review the details of the request and note the follow items in the details of the request:

5. Examples of request details by request type:

a. Standard Roles: Note the financial unit that should approve this access request is the group of approvers receiving the request

b. Elevated Roles: Note that last two lines show what role is being requested and the reason to have the role granted

c. Approver Roles: Note this type of request is only to add workflow roles to the person

d. Purchasing Authority (Department Shopper): Note the Financial Unit authorizing this delegation needs to be the Financial Unit the person works for

6. For elevated role requests, check current roles assigned to the person using the Campus User Roles Report in Oracle

7. Approve or Reject buttons

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket