FAQ: Revenue in GL vs PPM


This article covers Frequently Asked Questions on Revenue in General Ledger versus Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Essential Information


Q: How do you see external revenue on a Project in General Ledger?


  1. Run the General Ledger Transaction Details report via Business Analytics Hub (BAH) > General Ledger Panorama > tab General Ledger Transaction Details
    • Enter your periods in scope and chart string parameters. 
    • Review Revenue Accounts per your discretion.
    • To include all Revenue Accounts:
      • In the Account(s) field, click on the drop down > search > Remove All Column Values from the selected right pain and include all Accounts that start with 4 (Revenue Accounts start with 4).

Q: What type of revenue can be seen in PPM?


  1. Overall, PPM's inherent functionality is to track costs (expenses).
  2. The scenarios where revenue can be seen in PPM.
    • Approved recharges post internal revenue (recharge cost recovery) in PPM as negative project costs because it offsets the recharge expense in Project Costs.
    • PPM generates external revenue on contracts. 
    • Program Income is reflected in PPM Project Costs as negative costs.

Q: What is internal revenue (cost recovery)?  And why is it in PPM?


  1. Internal revenue (which is actually cost recovery) is referring to revenue (recovery) a UCSD department receives from another UCSD department for providing services/products.
  2. This is in PPM transacted under Recharge Accounts that are prefixed with 77 instead of inherent Expense Accounts which are prefixed with 5.
  3. The net impact of recharges on UC system will always be zero because one UCSD department will incur an expense for receiving a service/product and another UCSD department will incur the equivalent cost recovery (internal revenue) for being the service provider.
  4. Since PPM module for Oracle is used for tracking costs/expenses, recharges are monitored under the Expense hierarchy.

Q: Can all revenue on Projects be seen at the task level?


  1. No, revenue that is in PPM Project Costs can be seen at the Task level.
  2. All other revenue transactions are seen in the General Ledger at the Project level.
  3. External revenue on contracts can be seen at the Task level.

Q: Will external revenue on a contract be on Manage Project costs or Project Cost Reports?

A: No.

Q: Where in PPM can external revenue from a contract be seen?


  1. Go to Contract Management > Contracts > Enter Contract number
  2. Click on the Contract > Select Lines tab > Associated Projects tab, see screenshot below

Q: Will revenue generated in ISIS be in PPM?

A: No, All revenue generated in ISIS will post to the General Ledger at the Project level and would not be shown in PPM.


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