How to Identify and Correct an Incorrectly Applied CBR Rate


This article addresses how to determine if the CBR rate applied is incorrect, why the summer salary rate may not have applied as expected on summer earnings, and what actions you might need to take.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Confirm that the 3 main factors in determining the CBR group and rate (employee class, job code, and eligibility) are correct.
    • If any need to be changed, contact your HR initiator.
  2. Confirm that the earn code is CBR eligible. Earn code attributes can be found in the UCPath Earn Code List.
    • If the incorrect earn code was used, request a reclassification of earnings from the UCPath Center.
      1. Complete the reclassification of earnings template, which is attached to this article.
      2. Submit a case to the UCPath Center to reclassify the earnings to the correct earn code. To submit a case, log in to UCPath, click "Ask UCPath" in the upper right corner, and submit a case on behalf of the employee whose earnings need to be moved. Attach the completed template to the case.
  3. Confirm that you are using the correct rate for the fiscal year in your calculation, view How to Apply CBRs & Campus Planning Benefit Rates.

Special Situations

The rate applied is not what is shown on the DOPE report

Campus and Medical Center have different CBR rates.

The report shows the rate based on the business unit of the primary job.

Summer salary rate was not applied

The summer salary rate only applies to jobs in two standard CBR groups (01 and 03) and not campus-specific groups (10-13). The earn code alone does not drive the application of the rate as was originally expected.

After Nov. 2021

Prior to the Oct. 5, 2021 and Nov. 14, 2021 group changes

As a temporary remediation, a credit was issued in the Oracle financial system for the amount that was over-assessed on summer salary earn codes. Note that this credit will not be reflected in UCPath or the labor ledger DOPE report.

If you don’t see the credit in the 20-Nov, 21-Mar, 21-May, 21-Jun, 21-Aug, or 21-Sep accounting periods in Oracle

Check the DOPE report or the UCPath-OFC reconciliation report

If the Fund/Project received a credit in Oracle and then the salary was moved off of that Fund/Project via direct retro

You will need to manually move the credit via cost transfer in Oracle. See How to Perform a Full or Split Cost Transfer Transaction in Oracle (KB0032893)

Summer Salary incorrectly paid on REG earn code

This occurs when the job was not set up using the job earnings distribution. Refer to How to Process Summer Salary for Professors, LSOEs, and Recalls job aid.

Excerpt | Summer Research
Note: If you do not use job earnings distribution for summer salaries, the earnings will be mistakenly coded as REG. This will be flagged as dual employment and cause delays. In addition, faculty receive a special 403B benefit for summer salary that will be missed if ACR is not used.

What do I need to do?

    1. Contact your HR initiator to make the required PayPath corrections in UCPath.
    2. Complete the reclassification of earnings template.
    3. Submit an inquiry to the UCPath Center to reclassify the earnings from REG to the correct earn code.
    1. After the earnings are reclassified and appear on the Labor Ledger/DOPE with the correct earn code, you should also see the previous CBR assessment reversed and the correct CBR assessment applied. 

Additional Information

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.