How to Find Your GL Journal Entry Approver


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Go to Oracle Financials Cloud and log in

2. Click on the Navigator button at the top left corner of the OFC home page

3. Click the Tools section to open it

4. Click Directory icon

 5. In the search field highlighted below, enter person name, department, job, phone, other keywords to search for the person, and then click the magnifying glass button to continue

6. Click on the name of the person to view details

7. If no Manager & Peers header under the person's information is displayed or the Line Manager is not correct, then continue to the next step

8. Go to the Budget & Finance Submit a Ticket form and then enter the following information

9. After case is submitted and completed, repeat steps 1 to 7 and confirm the Line Manager is assigned under the Managers and Peers section.



Known Issue with Viewing Pending Journals

1. Currently, there's an issue with viewing your pending journals in Oracle through the Manage Approvals screen.  After submitting journals for approval, the user can navigate to the BPM Worklist

2. Click on the Bell icon at the top right area of the window

3. Click Show All button 

4. Click the Worklist button

5. BPM Worklist window will pop up, then click Initiated Tasks and open the Journal requests

6. From there, you can check the approvals for the journal and/or withdraw the journal

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket