Guidance on Resource Allocation Process for Departments


The article provides guidance for departments on the resource allocation process.

Essential Information

Information to know about resource transfer journal entries:

  1. Resource transfers will impact only the General Ledger (and are not reflected in PPM).
  2. The transfer will be on Account 774XXX and at the end of the year, it will roll into Account 300000 (Fund Balance).
  3. The Fund and Account segments for the debit and credit on the journal entry must be the same.

Do NOT submit a resource transfer journal entry if:

  1. Moving resources on a Sponsored Project.
  2. Moving an expense, complete a cost transfer instead:
    1.  KB0033191: Cost Transfer Guide.
    2. KB0033457: How to Initiate a Full or Partial Cost Transfer in Oracle PPM.
  3. Missing or incorrect Project on a Purchase Order (PO), then correct the PO.
    1. Requests for resource transfer on No Project (0000000) to a Project will be transferred to Procurement Support.
  4. The journal entry is crossing funds.
    1. The correction needs to happen in the subledger the transaction was initiated from.

NOTE: Departments must work with their local journal entry contact(s) to initiate resource transfer journal entries.

For guidance on clearing deficits, please refer to KB0033458: Guidance on Using SOFI Funds to Clear Deficits.

Next Steps

1. Open the Resource Transfers/JR Point of Contact List.

2. Find the appropriate person to contact for your department.

3. Send your request for resource transfer to them to process along with supporting documentation to explain the need for the transaction to be processed.

4. If your department is not listed in the contact list, then contact your VC central office contact for guidance:

  1. VC central offices have access to edit the list (see tab named "Users with Access to Edit List") for point of contact.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.