How to Use DOPE Information to View Posting in OFC


The Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) report is designed to show payroll expenses based on several search parameters. You should use the information from the DOPE report to determine where it posted in Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC). The OFC Original Transaction Reference is a direct mapping to the UCPath Labor Ledger reference information. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

There are 3 ways to access and view this data:

1. Transaction Details Report (TDR)

2. Project Costs Detail Report

a. Use this option if you don’t know which Project the payroll posted to

3. Oracle Manage Project Costs screen

Option 1: Transaction Details Report

1. Log into
2. Search/navigate to the report: Transaction Details Report (TDR)

See full report instructions here:

Option 2: Project Costs Detail Report 

1. Log into
2. Search/navigate to the report: Project Costs Detail Report
3. Enter the following Information

a. Transaction Source: UCSD UCPath
b. Original Transaction Reference: that equals the Labor Ledger identifying information
c. OR, search for a more global criteria such as Fin Unit (Project Owning Organization) or Creation date (this is the date posted to PPM, not the accounting date)

4. When parameters are complete, select Apply
5. Click View Report icon, to the left of Gear icon, select file type for download 

Option 3: Individual Project Costs Screen

1. The PPM Project Inquiry and Reporting role is required to access the Project module, if you have this role, the Project icon will display on the Home page

2. Navigate to the Project Costs area by either:

a. Home > Projects and Awards > Costs > Task Pane > Review and Adjust > Manage Project Costs (any Project)
b. Home > Awards > Search for Award > Manage Project Costs (Sponsored Projects only)

3. Search by Transaction Source: UCSD UCPath

a. If Transaction Source is not a visible column, use this KBA to add column
b. When viewing a specific transaction, the DOPE line information is in the Expenditure Item Comments column and the Original Expenditure item

DOPE Report Line References

On the DOPE report, you will see individual employee payroll data, however in OFC, you will see summarized data by Expenditure Type and UCPath Labor Ledger journal lines. 


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