How to Book Personal Travel in Concur Travel


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Log into Concur

2. Select the Travel module from the top of the screen

3. Select type of trip search (airfare, car rental, hotel, train)

4. Enter Search Criteria  

5. Select Search

6. For the Purpose of Trip field, select Personal

7. Select Desired Booking

8. Under Select a Method of Payment, add your personal credit card number and change the card selection from UCSD CTS Air Charge Card to your personal card from the drop-down menu to ensure payment is made personally

9. Select Reserve Flight and Continue

10. Reservations made for personal travel will appear in Concur under Available Expenses

a. These can be deleted by checking the box next to the charge and selecting Delete

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494