How to Search for Chart of Accounts (CoA) Information in Concur


This article provides guidance on how to complete the CoA Information search in Concur. In both Concur Requests or Expenses, you will be required to enter Chart of Accounts (CoA) information. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. In a Request, to search for this Financial Unit (1234567) DEMO Financial Unit 1-(SD) there are 2 methods, either by TEXT or CODE.

2. All of the COA/POETAF fields have these search attributes.

3. To search by CODE, select the drop-down arrow in Financial Unit, select CODE, and enter in your code (5000051 shown below as example).

4. To search by TEXT, select the drop-down arrow in Financial Unit, select TEXT, and enter in the exact text associated with your chart string value (DEMO Financial Unit 1 shown below as an example).

a. Search results may be inaccurate if exact text is not entered in.

5. When creating an Expense Report, change the search parameters by selecting the icon next to the field.

NOTE: If you are still unable to find the information even when using the proper search parameters, verify the information with your fund manager or Financial Unit Approver.

Expenditure Types

1. Use the UCSD-DSH Project Information Lookup Panorama to find your desired Expenditure Type (under the Expenditure Type tab).

a. Direct link to Report.

2. Search for your value in one of three ways.

a. Code (preferred): copy and paste six-digit code into the field.

b. Text: Copy the exact text and paste into the field.

i. Searching by text may give you UCSD and UCOP values as shown in this example above- ensure that the value selected does not contain (-OP).

c. Either: Copy the six-digit code or the exact text and paste into the field.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.