RMP Recharge App Best Practices


Critical Concepts

Best Practices

  1. Clearly bookmark the RMP DEV (test) site and the RMP PROD (live) sites   
    1. RMP DEV: https://rmp-webdev.ucsd.edu/rmp-recharge/charges    
      1. Connected to OFC DEV5: https://ekgs-dev5.fa.us2.oraclecloud.com/
    2. RMP PROD: https://rmp-web.ucsd.edu/rmp-recharge/charges  
      1. Connected to OFC PROD: https://ekgs.fa.us2.oraclecloud.com/
  2. Practice in RMP DEV before acting in RMP PROD 
    1. This applies to new users, to users who are attempting a new action (e.g., reversing charges), to those acting as a backup and haven’t actively processed transactions, or anyone who needs to gain familiarity with the system in a low-risk environment.
  3. Put detailed information in Charge Description field 
    1. The Charge Description is the main source of information for customers to identify the purpose of the charge. It is recommended to be specific and clear, without including any special characters or formatting. Keep in mind the character limit referenced in the RMP Import Template Guide linked below under Resources.  
  4. Notify customers (outside the system) that they’re being charged 
    1. The RMP App does not have the functionality to attach documentation to the transaction. Send communication about the transaction (e.g., invoice, monthly summary of charges) outside the system.  
  5. Confirm that transactions loaded in Oracle
    1. After confirming the transaction status in the RMP App is “Submitted”, look up the batch number in Oracle to confirm that all lines in the batch were successfully loaded.
    2. Specifically, confirm that 1) the batch contains twice the number of lines (one CR, one DR) as contained in the import file and 2) that the total amount is equal to zero  
    3. See the How to Confirm Transactions in Oracle video below
  6. Import transactions in a timely manner 
    1. While it is possible to backdate transactions, the best practice is to process transactions in a timely manner, to allow customers to account for the changes on their end. For example, it’s not ideal for a customer to receive 6 months' worth of backdated transactions in a single batch.  


To submit a ticket regarding PPM File Submissions, select the following options:   

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please utilize the Community of Practice or submit a ticket