GRC Module: How to Create an Access Simulation


Critical Concepts

An Access Simulation can be created to review the impact of privileges being added or removed from roles

Steps to Take

1. Select the Risk Management tab

2. Select Results icon

3. Select the Access Simulations icon

4. Select Create

5. Enter Name and Description

6. Select Add under Remediation Steps section

7. Select the Search button to identify the access point to remove

8. Search for the access point to be removed, highlight the item, and select Apply

9. Select the From Access Point that applies using the Search button (magnifying glass icon)

10. Select Run Simulation to run the job

11. Select Monitor Jobs to review the status of the job

12. The Incident Path Counts section shows how the access point removal will effect result counts

13. Select the Run Remediation Report button to view a report that shows affects of access point removal

14. Select Save and Close to finish the simulation process.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket