How to Check Outstanding Invoices


Methods for checking outstanding invoices are reviewed below.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Method 1: AR Aging Report

  2. Select the Budget & Finance tab
  3. Select the Receivables & Cash Operations Panoramas tab
  4. Run Report UCSD-DSH Accounts Receivable Panorama
  5. The UCSD-DSH Accounts Receivable Panorama displays the List of Reports
  6. Select Receivables Aging Report
  7. Input the Contract Number in the parameters

Method 2: AR Invoice

  1. Go to the Oracle homepage
  2. Select the Billing and Receivables module > then select Billing
  3. Select the magnifying glass to search the Transaction Number (invoice number) > select Search
  4. Open the invoice by selecting the Transaction Number hyperlink
  5. Click on the Status hyperlink "Complete"

  1. If the Invoice was paid (fully or partially), you can look up the Receipt information by selecting ActionsView Transaction Activities

Method 3: Review Customer Account

  1. Go to Billing and Receivables > Billing > Review Customer Account > Search by Customer Name or Account Number

  1. Select the Activities tab > adjust the Date Range and make sure to View Activities By "Total Open Receivables" or "All"

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