When do PO-based Invoices Stop for Approval and Who Approves Them


This article outlines the criteria for Invoice review and the roles required to approve Invoice payment. In an effort to ensure financial accuracy, UC San Diego has implemented some best practices for the certification of PO-based Invoices in Oracle.

Essential Information

Invoices will require approval if they fall under this criteria:

    1. The Invoice total is $5,000 or above and the item purchased is classified as inventorial equipment OR
    2. The Invoice total is $10,000 or above.

For Invoices with a total of $5,000 or above and the item purchased is classified as inventorial equipment, approval will be required:

    1. Approval will be required of the Requester. This is generally the person who the order is being placed on behalf of, and is the person who has the responsibility of certifying that goods have been received and/or services have been rendered.
      1. The name of a Requester is entered on the Requisition at the time of submission.
      2. The same Requester name then transfers to the Purchase Order (PO) when generated. Thereafter, any Invoice received for that PO will inherit the Requester name as well.
      3. The Requester will receive Invoice approval notification(s) if/when an Invoice received against their PO falls under the criteria above.
      4. The Requester should be approving the Invoice to certify receipt of the items purchased and/or services rendered.

For invoices with a total of $10,000 or above, it will require approval from the following roles:

    1. The Requester as mentioned above.
    2. The Financial Unit (FinU) Approver.
      1. Review our Approver Guide for guidance on approving invoices and requisitions in Oracle and ensuring POETAF is populated correctly.
      2. You can identify your FinU approver by using the Role Report in Oracle. For guidance on which FinU approver is best suited for your invoice or PO, reach out to your supervisor, PI, or fund manager.
      3. They will also receive an Invoice approval notification and are required to approve Invoices $10,000 or above.
      4. The FinU Approver will be reviewing the order and approving based on criteria such as whether the charges can post to the Chart of Account string indicated on the PO.
      5. The two approvals can occur concurrently.


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