How to Approve and Push a Commitment in EPBCS using Smart View


This article covers how to Approve and Push a Commitment on Task 7.3 Enter Commitment Details, which is the fourth step of processing a Commitment record in the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT). Please note, the following steps are for users of Excel Smart View.

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Approving and Pushing a Commitment from 7.3 Enter Commitment Details

NOTE: If you are not already on the 7.3 Enter Commitment Details form, you can navigate to that form from 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified by locating the relevant record and selecting the appropriate Time Horizon View from the Action Menu, then continue with the steps below.

  1. Once all required fields are completed and you have reviewed your Commitment calculation, right-click on any blue cells within Column A.
  2. Select Smart View located at the bottom of the pop-up window to generate the Action Menu, and select Approve and Push Commitment.

    SmartView 7.3 Approve and Push

  3. A window will appear indicating that the business rule is running and will display as successful once completed—click the "OK" button to clear this message.

    SmartView 7.3 Successful

    NOTE: If you receive an error message, verify that your Destination Project belongs to the selected Destination Financial Unit, as invalid Financial Unit/Project combinations are the most common reason for encountering an error when running this action.

  4. Your Commitment record should now show several indicators that your Commitment was successfully approved:
    1. Within No Year/Assumptions (or No Year/BegBalance) and the current year FYxx/Assumptions (or FYxx/BegBalance) columns, the CT Pushed field will display "Yes."
    2. Within No Year/Assumptions (or No Year/BegBalance), the CT Approve Date and CT Push Date fields will display the current date.
    3. Within the current year FYxx/Assumptions (or FYxx/BegBalance) column, the CT Push Date field will display the current date
      • NOTE: This will be overwritten each time you run the Approve and Push Commitment action within the fiscal year, but the final value will be retained at that intersection after advancing the RCTT to the next fiscal year (i.e., the last date pushed in FY24 will continue to be available at FY24/Assumptions, and if the record is pushed again in FY25, that value will be recorded in FY25/Assumptions).
    4. If you had not already entered amounts in the CT Approved Budget Amount field, the amount stored in the current year at CT Amount/FYxx/Assumptions (or CT Amount/FYxx/BegBalance) will be copied into that column in the CT Approved Budget Amount field.

      SmartView 7.3 Push Indicators

NOTE: If your security rights allow you to view the Destination side of the Commitment (i.e., if the Destination is within your parent Financial Unit of the hierarchy or below), you can further verify the Commitment was pushed by looking for the Transfer In Commitment record under the same CTID on Task 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified. When searching for the record, make sure you have an appropriate Financial Unit member selected in the POV, tied to the Destination Financial Unit.


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