How to Transfer Legacy Costs for a General Project


This article provides guidance on transferring non-salary costs that are incorrectly posted in legacy system and need to be corrected.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Determine who in your VC area can create a journal

  1. Oracle role assignment of UCSD GL Journal Entry JR will be assigned to contacts in each VC area
  2. Determine personnel in your VC area with the ability to create a journal:
    1. Go to > Launch UCSD-BIP Campus User Roles
    2. In field or Role Name Contains, enter UCSD GL Journal Entry JR and click Apply
    3. Determine the appropriate contact in your VC area to submit a Journal Entry 
      1. Provide the Journal Entry creator information from steps 2, 3, and 4.A.and 4.B
      2. If there is no one in your VC area to create the journal, in the interim you may submit a ticket to ICA with steps 2, 3, and 4

2. Provide Financial Link supporting documentation

Supporting documentation from Financial Link must be attached to the Journal Entry submission, otherwise the journal will be rejected

Refer to How to Process a Journal Entry

For a cost transfer request:

  1. Extract reports from Financial Link showing the cost that was recording in a specific Index
  2. Highlight specific lines, so it clearly shows which transaction(s) are being requested to be transferred
  3. If there are multiple transaction lines, highlight the transactions and provide totals for the transfer that can be reviewed

3. Provide Justification and old/new Project information

Attach to the Journal Entry in a document the following items, otherwise the journal will be rejected:

  1. Provide justification for the cost request that is 2+ years after conversion
  2. Provide legacy Index value and the conversion Project number and name
  3. Provide new Project number and name

4. If sumbitting to ICA for Journal Entry

  1. Submit a ticket to:
    1. About: Financial Accounting
    2. General Accounting Support
    3. Other General Accouting Inquiry
    4. Subject: Legacy Cost Transfer Journal Entry
  2. Provide 12 segment COA Debit
  3. Provide 12 segment COA Credit
  4. Attach the items in steps 2 and 3 above to the ticket

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket