How to Adjust an Effort Report



This article reviews how to access the Effort Reporting System (ERS) and how to perform an Effort Adjustment. 

Essential Information

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How do I calculate effort?

  1. Effort is calculated by dividing the Average Weekly Sponsored Hours/ Average Weekly UCSD Hours.
    1. For example, Dr. Paulsen worked 4 Sponsored Project Hours on a 40 UCSD Hour Work week.
  2. 4/40 = 10% Project Effort on the Sponsored Project.

How to Access and Adjust the Effort Report:

  1. Log in to the ERS.
  2. Select Search Reports.
  3. Enter UCPath Employee ID or Name press Enter, select the Name and then select View.
  4. Select desired reporting period.
  5. On the Edit Report tab, in the Adjusted Payroll % column, you can make the necessary adjustments.
  6. If all the projects aren't listed, you can select ADD ADDITIONAL SPONSORED PROJECT to add Additional Sponsored Project.

7. In ADD ADDITIONAL PROJECT, Display projects where any field contains or equals field, enter either a Project ID, Project Title or PI and click Filter.

8. Click Select for desired Project ID.
9. It will populate into the existing Effort Report.
10. In the Adjusted Payroll % column, enter the necessary percentage amount.
11.  Select UPDATE CALCULATION, Grand Total of effort needs to equal 100%.
12. Click ADD A COMMENT.
13. Include the Service and Support Case #, TO and FROM information, and explanation of why it was necessary to transfer, remember, Effort Reports are subject to audits.

14. If the Sponsored Project INDEX is not available in Effort Report:
15. Submit a Service and Support ticket with the following information:

  1. PI Name
  2. PI Employee ID
  3. Project Title
  4. OFC Project Number
  5. Task Number

NOTE: Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) will work with UCOP to add the project to the list and will update the ticket.

For Other or Non-Sponsored Projects - below the line on Effort Report

  1. If a manual adjustment was processed via the Salary Cost Transfer with PPS Data form, and it is Other or Non - Sponsored Projects, the associated effort report will not automatically update.
  2. An adjustment to the payroll % column is needed.
  1. EDIT REPORT tab allows for editing % amounts.
    2. Update the ADJUSTED PAYROLL % column for below the line.
    4. There is no option to add additional Non-Sponsored Projects to Effort Reports.
    5. Grand Total of effort needs to equal 100%.

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