Basic Oracle Report Navigation


This article demonstrates basic navigation within Oracle dashboards. Specifically, as it pertains to how to enter single and multiple prompts, and how to download to Excel and PDF.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Entering prompts

Option A: Type the value you wish to search for directly in the text box. Multiple values may be entered separated by a semi-colon without spaces. 

Option B: Use the Search function to find values.

1. Click the dropdown arrow on the prompt and select More/Search.

2. A dialog box will open with an area showing available values on the left and an area showing selected values on the right. 

3. The default search type is Contains. This may be changed to search for items that start or end with your entered text.

4. Use the text box to search for values. The tool will begin to search as soon as you type.

5. Use the arrows to move desired items from the Available area to the Selected area. Single arrows will move selected items. Double arrows will move all items.

6. Make sure you move (All Column Values) out of the Selected area.

7. Click OK to add your selections to the prompt.

Option C: Copy and paste a list of items into the search.

1. Click the pencil icon in the upper right of the Select Values dialog box.

2. Paste a list of values into the Edit dialog box.

3. Click OK on both dialog boxes to add your selections to the prompt.

Download to Excel or PDF

1. Click on the gear wheel in the upper right corner of the page.

2. To download to PDF, select Printable PDF from the Print menu.

3. To download to Excel, select Export Current Page from the Export to Excel menu.

4. Selecting the options above will download the entire OTBI dashboard page, but will not download non-OTBI objects embedded on the page. If you see a set of icons directly above a table on the page, this is an embedded report.

5. To download an embedded report, click on the gear wheel directly above the table and select your preferred format from the Export menu.


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