GRC Module: How to Add Access Global Conditions


Global Conditions affect all access models and are used to filter results based on prior analysis of all access models. Custom roles that grant access to the Risk Management module in Oracle.

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Select the Risk Management tab

2. Select Advanced Controls icon

3. Select the Models icon

4. Select Actions menu

5. Select Access Global Conditions

6. Select Create icon

7. Enter Name and Description

8. To the right of Condition Logic, select Add Filter button. 

9. Enter Name, and select options for Object, Attribute, Condition, Type, then select Search (magnifying glass icon) button.

  1. There are several Objects and Attributes that can be used depending on need.
  2. Access Point is the privilege that are attached to end user roles.
  3. In Attribute, select User Name to filter out specific users and in Condition set as Does not equal.

10. Search for the Access Point that is needed, select the item so row is highlighted, then select OK to continue.

11. Select OK to continue

12. Click Add Filter, to add more filters if needed to exclude other criteria from access model results.

13. Select the Save and Close button to complete the process.


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