How to Receive an Incoming Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ILTF)


An Incoming Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ILTF) is a transfer of resources or funding from another UC Campus or UCOP to UCSD. This article will walk you through how to submit an Incoming ILTF. 

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Provide your UCSD FAU (Full Accounting Unit) credit line

    1. LOC1 - the value for UCSD location code 1 will always be 06
    2. LOC2 - the value for UCSD location code 2 will always be 01
    3. Credit Account Code - select the account from the chart below based on the Campus that will be sending UCSD Funds
      2. Credit Account CodeAccount Title
        78501EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCB
        78502EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCSF
        78503EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCD
        78504EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCLA
        78505EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCR
        78507EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCSC
        78508EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCSB
        78509EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCI
        78510EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCM
        78511EIntercampus Recharge Credit UCOP
        78512EIntercampus Recharge Credit ANR
    4. Fund - UCSD must receive the funding on an equivalent Fund that is being sent from the other UC Campus 
      1. UCOP's Fund Group Code (FGC) is a common assignment used by all UC Campus's assigned to Funds
      2. Request from the UC Campus sending the resources for the FGC for the Funds being sent
      3. Use the following UCSD to UCOP FGC Fund Crosswalk for ILTFs file to determine appropriate UCSD Level D Fund Hierarchy 
        1. Using the UCOP FGC provided by the sending Campus, filter for the FGC in column D
        2. Based on the results, select the appropriate UCSD Fund from column A  
        3. Use the associated result in column C (Level D Fund Hierarchy) for the Fund
      4. Need additional assistance:  If your FGC is not available in the above steps or does not seem appropriate, Submit a Ticket to Internal Controls & Accounting (ICA) for review
        1. About: Financial Accounting
        2. Related to: General Accounting Support
        3. More Specifically: Interlocation Transfer of Funds Submissions/Inquiries
        4. Provide the sending Campus FGC, Fund information and any additional supporting documentation regarding the ILTF
    5. Sub - the value for UCSD Sub will always be 08

Example: If UCSD is receiving resources from UCLA with Fund 19900 Fund, the UCSD FAU for the credit line will be: 06-01-78504W-Z9900-08

2. Provide your UCSD Level E Revenue Account (or FAU debit line)

  1. LOC1 - the value for UCSD location code 1 will always be 06
  2. LOC2 - the value for UCSD location code 2 will always be 01
  3. Debit Account Code - UCSD will need to provide the Campus sending Funds our UCSD Level E Revenue Account Hierarchy
    • This can be determined in the file used in Step 1.4.c by mapping UCSD’s Fund (column A) to the offsetting Level E Account Hierarchy (column B)
    • Or use the chart below
UCSD FundDebit Account CodeLevel E Account Title

19900 -19999
Excluding 19931, 19933, 19934, 19940, 19941, 19942, 19943

48100EState Appropriations General
18XXX40600ESpecial State Appropriations
All Other Funds44000EOther Operating Revenue


3. Provide your full UCSD COA including POETAF

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket