How to Become an Authorized Ethanol Custodian


The Logistics STORE team is here to assist with drinking water, tax-free ethanol purchases, gas cylinder orders, campus PPE, and shipping supplies.  

Essential Information

Next Steps

    1. Log in to the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.
    2. Create a case under Budget & Finance, Buying Goods & Services, Tax-Free Ethanol.
    3. Include an attachment of an authorization letter to the case.
    4. This letter should be on department letterhead and include:
      1. The signature of the department chair.
      2. The name and email of the person(s) to be authorized as the Ethanol Custodian(s).
      3. The individual who submits the requisition for ethanol must be an Authorized Ethanol Custodian.
      4. You may find a sample letter of authorization on Blink.
    5. Once you submit the case, you will be contacted by someone from the STORE team with confirmation of your authorization.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket  here.