How to Enter Basic Commitment Data in EPBCS Web Application


This article covers how to enter basic Commitment data via Task 7.2 Enter Basic Commitment Data, which is the second step of entering a Commitment record in the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT)

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Navigating to Task 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified from Home Page

  1. Go to EPBCS
  2. Login using Single Sign-On
  3. On the EPBCS Home Page, click on the Tasks tile
  4. Click on the caret to the left of 7 - Create and Manage Commitments to expand the Task List
  5. Click on Task 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified

-OR -

Navigating to Task 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified from Task 7.1 Activate Commitment

  1. From Task 7.1 Activate Commitment, click the Next button in the top-right corner

    EPBCS Web App 7.1 Next

  2. On Task 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified, verify your desired Financial Unit is populated in the POV in the top-left corner

    EPBCS Web App 7.2A POV

Locating Commitment Record

  1. With Task 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified open, search for the relevant CTID using the Find button at the top of the screen
  2. Enter the CTID in the Find bar
  3. Click the right arrow until you navigate to the correct Base Commitment or Re-Class Commitment record

    EPBCS Web App 7.2A Find


Enter Basic Commitment Data

  1. Once you have located the correct record, select the status of the record (e.g., Active, Inactive, Completed) under CT Commitment Status
  2. Ignore values in CT Pushed for now - this value is auto-populated based upon an action on another form, and cannot be edited within form 7.2A
  3. Enter the name of your commitment in the CT Name field - making sure to avoid restricted special characters and line breaks - and click Save within the data entry dialog box
    EPBCS Web App 7.2A CT Name
  4. Under the CT Created By dropdown menu, select your name
  5. Within the CT Source Notes field, enter any notes you wish to associate with the Commitment. These notes will be visible to anyone with access to the Base Commitment/Reclass Commitment record, but will not be visible to the Destination (unless they have access to the Base/Reclass record)
  6. To save what you have entered, click Save at the top of the window 

    Note: When you make any edits to the form, the cell you are editing will turn yellow. When you click on the Save button at the top of the window, the cell will turn back to white to indicate that the data has been submitted to the database

    EPBCS Web App 7.2A Save

  7. If you need to enter data for multiple CTIDs, repeat Steps #1-6 as needed
  8. When ready to enter additional Commitment details (e.g., Commitment Amount, Destination chartstring, Start/End dates), navigate to the relevant Source record (generally Base Commitment, sometimes Reclass Commitment) for the CTID, right-click on the CTID to activate the Action Menu, and select one of the Details Time Horizon views. Generally, you will want to select a View that encapsulates the duration of your Commitment (i.e., select Details 1 Year Horizon for a One-Time Commitment in the current FY, or Details 5 Year Horizon for a One-Time Multi-Year Commitment spanning between 3 and 5 years)

    EPBCS Web App 7.2A Action Menu

  9. This selection will generate Task 7.3 Enter Commitment Details where you can enter additional information and take action on your Commitment

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket