Travel Expense Types


This article serves as a reference Travel Expense Types in Concur. 

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Travel Expense Types

   1. Air Travel Expense


Airline Fees: Baggage Fees, Change Fees, other fees imposed by Airlines.


   2. Lodging Expenses

Homeshare - AirBnB / VRBO / Etc: Be sure to attach final receipt for proof of payment.

Hotel: All Hotel lodging Expenses must be itemized.

Hotel - Advanced Deposit

Hotel Group: Use this Expense Type for Group Trips, content will be developed soon on this process.

Other Accommodations: Alternate accommodations not covered in the other Expense Types, e.g., rent payments for long-term travel.

Travel Card Per Diem Offset: Used when a foreign transaction has been charged to the T&E card and there is a need to claim the transaction and Offset/Reduce the Per Diem, or Travel Allowance.


   3. Ground Transportation

Car Rental

Car Rental Fuel

Parking: Only while on travel status - does not include monthly parking permit costs.


Taxi/Shuttle/Car Service

Tolls/Road Charges


University Vehicle Fuel


   4. Personal Car Mileage

Personal Car/Business Use - Mileage: Please refer to Blink for the latest mileage rates for travel. 

Personal Car/Moving Use - Mileage: Please refer to Blink for the latest mileage rates for moves.


   5. Meals/Meetings/Events

Entertainment Meals - Travel Status: If someone is on Travel status and they have a meeting, they are allowed to claim the Entertainment Meal Expense on a Travel Expense Report
for Meal Expenses incurred while on travel status, they can be claimed on the Travel Expense Report in accordance with Entertainment Policy (BUS-79).

Group Meals and Incidentals: Use this Expense Type for Group trips.

Meals & Incidentals

Per Diem Reduction


   6. Conference/Training Registration

Seminar/Conference Registration



   7. Other Expenses

Agent Booking or Service Fees: Fees from Balboa Travel can be claimed with this Expense Type.

Field Expenses

Fraudulent Charge

Internet Access

Miscellaneous (Add Comment)

Mobile/Cellular Phone

Office Supplies



Team Laundry (Athletics Only)

Wire Payments Form: This is related to Travel Expense Reports that will be paid via Wire, see the KB0032371: How to Process a Travel Wire for more information.


   8. Dues & Fees

Bank/Currency Fees

Medical Fees

Passports/Visa Fees - ordinary and necessary to accomplish the official business purpose of a trip; the Travel Expense entry must include an explanation of why such Expenditures are being claimed.


   9. Moves/Relocation

Moving Company Invoice: Please see the KB0032130: How to Manage a Move Trip for more details on this process.



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