How to Edit the Chart String Account Value and Determine What Will Categorize Your Purchase


This article details how to edit the Chart String Account Value and how to determine the categorization of your purchase. Complete this by navigating to the account value field and then search for an account value. When you place an order in Oracle Procurement, the Account segment of the Chart String (Charge Account) will always change to match the item(s) you are purchasing.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Navigate to the Account Value Field

  1. Next to where you enter the Chart String, click on the stacked rectangles.
  2. In Charge Account dialog box, select the arrow next to Account field.
  3. Click Search

Open the account value field

Search for an Account Value

  1. Click Advanced to expand your search options.
  2. In, Description, change the selection to Contains.
  3. In Description, enter a keyword to search for any Account with that word in the description.
  4. Click Search
  5. Select an appropriate result and click OK.


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