How to Cancel a Purchase Order in Oracle Procurement


This article will describe how to cancel a PO that will not be fulfilled or invoiced in Oracle Procurement

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Navigate to the Requisition

Only the person who submitted the Requisition can cancel the PO

  1. On the Oracle homepage, click Procure to Pay then Purchase Requisitions
  2. On the Oracle Procurement homepage, above the search bar, click Manage Requisitions
  3. In Requisition, enter the Requisition Number
  4. Click Search
  5. Click the desired Requisition Number

Initiate a Change Order

  1. If one PO was generated on this Requisition:
    1. On the Requisition, at the top right, click Actions
    2. Click Edit Order
  2. If multiple POs were generated on one Requisition:
    1. On the Requisition, to the left above the line items, click Actions
    2. Click Edit Order

Cancel Each Line Item

You may cancel either individual line items or the entire PO

  1. In the Change Order, for each line item:
    1. Click the line
    2. Just above the line items on the left, click the Actions menu
    3. Click Cancel Line
  2. At the top, in Description, enter Cancel PO
  3. At the top right, click Submit

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