How to Set Up PPM Recurring Billing


Critical Concepts



Steps to Take

Amending a Contract for Recurring Billing

1. Log into Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) using single sign-on

2. Select Projects and Awards, then click on Contracts

3. Search the desired contract and open by selecting the contract Number hyperlink

4. Open the Actions drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Amend

5. Enter the Amendment Effective Date (today's date or contract End Date if already passed)

6. Scroll down to the Additional Information section, and enter the desired amount in the Recurring Invoice Amount field

7. Select the Billing tab

8. Under the Bill Plans section, open the Bill Plan by selecting the hyperlink

9. Change the Method Name field to Recurring Billing

10. In the Invoice Information section, change the Billing Cycle to the desired frequency for how often the system will auto-generate the Event and then auto-generate the corresponding Invoice

11. Save and Close

12. Under the Revenue Plans section, open the Revenue Plan by selecting the hyperlink

13. Change the Method Name field to Recurring Revenue

14. Save and Close

15. Submit for approval, then Save and Close





Crediting an Event*

1. In the Oracle Home page, select Projects and Awards, then click on Contract Invoices

2. Open the right-hand task pane, and under Review and Adjust, select Manage Events

3. Under Search Results, select the + sign

4. Enter the following information:

5. Save and Close

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