How To Manage Subcontracts/Subawards in OFC Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


This article covers the various methods to track and manage Subcontracts/ Subawards in Oracle PPM. In OFC PPM, there are ways to track regular and intercampus Subcontracts/Subsites without creating a Task for each of them. 

Next Steps 

Commitments on Subcontracts

Subaward Commitments are managed in:

  1. Projects and Awards > Costs > Task Pane > Review and Adjust > Manage Committed Costs
  2. Commitment Source Type: External
  3. Transaction Source: UCSD Kuali

1. Select Advanced Search

2. In Commitment Source Type, select External.

3. In Transaction Source, select UCSD Kuali.

4. In Project Number, enter the KR Subaward ID, e.g. 1006427

5. Click Search

6. In the Search Results, select the Filter icon, to create fields above rows.

7. In the Source Application Commitment Number column includes the IDC that is expected to be charged on the Subaward.

Direct Costs on Subcontracts

  1. Oracle can filter costs in a number of different ways in the Projects and Awards > Costs > Task Pane > Review and Adjust > Manage Project Costs
  2. For Subcontracts, the following fields can track and report multiple Subcontracts on a single Project/Task eliminating the need for creating new Tasks for every Subcontract:
  3. Highlighted row below is an example of a Project/Task with multiple Subcontracts:
    • Expenditure Type: 533000 - First $25K of Subcontract/Consultants and 533100 - Subcontract/Consultants greater than 25K
      • to get both at the same time, use Expenditure Type Contains: subcontract.
    • Supplier Invoice Number: regular and intercampus Subcontracts will have the KR Subaward ID Number and Invoice number e.g. KRS.702819.Invoice #8.O
    • Supplier Name: indicates the Sub-recipient Name

Burden/IDC on Subcontracts

In same Search results:

In field above Expenditure Organization, enter Office of Contract/Grant Admin 

In field above Expenditure Item Date, can enter date to filter 

  1. Expenditure Organization– is Office of Contract/Grant Admin for both:
    • 538000 - FandA (IDC) – Expense
    • 533000 - First $25K of Subcontract/Consultants
  2. Expenditure Item Date – Burden/IDC assessed will have the same expenditure item date
    • 538000 - FandA (IDC) – Expense
    • 533000 - First $25K of Subcontract/Consultants


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