FAQ - Resource Commitment Tracking Tool in EPBCS


This article will address Frequently Asked Questions about the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT), a module of Oracle's Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS)


Q: What is the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT)?
A: It is a solution designed to:

Q: Who has access to the RCTT?
A: The tool has a specific user base of campus, VC and Dean level units, limited to Level B of the Financial Unit Hierarchy and above who manage resources and subsequently transfer to departments for actual spending

Q: Can I use the RCTT to manage Sponsored Projects Funds?
A: No, the RCTT does not include Sponsored Projects Funds

Q: How is the RCTT different from Journals in Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) or the Resource Transfer Request process in the Services & Support Portal?
A: The RCTT is housed in EPBCS, a separate system from OFC

Q: What is the basic process for entering a commitment in the RCTT?
A: Users must follow a prescribed series of steps to enter and process Commitments in the RCTT, the basic process is outlined below - detailed KBAs are linked for each step:

  1. Connect to the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool
  2. Claim a Commitment ID (EPBCS Web App or Smart View)
    3. Enter Basic Commitment Data (EPBCS Web App or Smart View)
    4. Enter Commitment Details and Review Calculations (EPBCS Web App or Smart View)
    5. Approve and Push Commitment to Destination (EPBCS Web App or Smart View)
    6. Transfer Resources in OFC using Resource Commitment Data (EPBCS Web App or Smart View)

Q: Why don’t I see a Project in the available Source list?

A: Source Projects are loaded from OFC and refreshed on a nightly basis, if your Project is available in OFC but does not appear in the RCTT, it should display the following business day

Q: Why don’t I see the Project I need to select for my Destination in the drop-down smartlist?
A: Destination Projects are manually loaded separately from Source Projects

Q: Why am I asked to designate a Task for the Source and Destination?
A: Task is an optional field. Resources are ultimately transferred on the General Ledger at the Financial Unit-Fund-Function-Project level. Data from the RCTT is not fed to PPM at this time, but users have the option of recording task information to use in their own reporting.

Q: How do I submit a Services & Support ticket for the RCTT?
A: You should submit a ticket within the Business & Finance instance of UC San Diego Services & Support Portal

Q: What training is available for the RCTT?
A: To support existing users, KBAs are available for all steps of processing a commitment, using either the EPBCS Web Application or Excel Smart View add-in. Additional training material, including e-courses, will be made available when the tool is launched for a broader audience - targeted October 2022.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket