GRC Module: How to Create an Access Entitlement


This article explains how to create Access Entitlements needed to review separation of duties conflicts, and custom roles that grant access to the Risk Management module in Oracle. It is important to note, Access Entitlements must be setup before the Access Model is created. When you create an Access Entitlement, select all privileges associated with a business function or activity.

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Select the Risk Management tab.

2. Select Advanced Controls icon.

3. Select the Models icon.

4. Select Actions menu, then Access Entitlements.

5. In the Access Entitlements dialog box, select the Create button.

6. In Create Entitlement dialog box, enter Name and Description.

  1. All access entitlements that start with UCSD: were established at module implementation.
  2. All other custom entitlements should include an appropriate prefix as determined by module administrators.

7. Under Selected Access Points, select the Add button.

8. In the Search and Add dialog box, use one of the four text fields to search for the Access Points needed and select Apply to add them to the entitlement, select Close to close the window.

  1. Multiple points can be selected at once using Ctrl + click

9. In Selected Access Points dialog box, confirm completeness before continuing.

  1. Multiple Access Points can be applied to the entitlement to make it complete.

10. Select Save and Close to complete the process.


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