How to Add or Remove an Employee Distribution Line in Form 1.2 or Form 2.2


In the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Tool, also known as Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS), budget preparers use Task List 1 and Task List 2 to budget salary and benefits for staff and faculty members in their Financial Unit. Updates to Staff or Faculty compensation are made on Forms 1.2 for Staff and 2.2 for Faculty. You should use the Add Distribution Line action when updating the Fund, Function and/or Project for a split-funded individual on your roster. You should also use the Remove Distribution Line action when you want to remove the budget line for an employee from a Fund, Function and/or Project, or you want to remove the person from your roster altogether.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Add a Distribution Line

1. From the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Tool home page, click on Tasks.


2. Navigate to Task List 1 Review and Manage Staff Planning, expand the triangle to display Task 1.2 Manage Existing Staff and Other Academic (Non-Faculty) Positions, click to load the form. 

3. In Form 1.2 Manage Existing Staff and Other Academic (Non-Faculty) Positions, update Years to the planning year to display your roster, e.g. FY25, and update EFinUnit to the Financial Unit you want to view.

4. Once Years and EFinUnit have been updated and highlighted in yellow, click the Arrow icon, to save the changes, otherwise selections will not be saved.

5. In Manage Existing Staff Positions, locate the Distribution Line for the Employee you wish to add a line for, right click for Action menu, select Add Distribution Line.

6. STFN_GRV_AddDist box will display populated with information for that employee, update the Destination Fund, Function and/or Project as needed, click Launch.


7. You will return to Form 1.2, confirmation displays, the Add Distribution function was successful, click OK to close the message.

8. On Form 1.2, locate and verify the Distribution Line for the staff member was added.

9. Ensure that all required information is updated for that employee Distribution Line such as Start Date, Compensation Rate, Actual Pay Distribution %, and Position Budget Type.

10. Click Save and a confirmation dialog box will display, click OK.


Remove a Distribution Line

1. In 1.2 Manage Existing Staff and Other Academic (Non-Faculty) Positions, select the Distribution Line for the employee you wish to remove, right click, an Action menu displays, select Remove Distribution Line.

2. Confirm the Distribution Line details as needed, then click Launch. A message displays indicating the Remove Distribution Line function was successful, click OK to close the message.

3. If the Distribution Line remains even after the Success message displayed, clear the Start Date on the Distribution Line so that the cell is empty. Press Save


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