How-To Check Current Smart View Version and Install Latest Update


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Verify Current Version

1. Select the Windows icon in the toolbar or press the Windows button on the keyboard, then enter Add or Remove Programs, and select Open once it displays


2. Within the Apps & Features dialog box that displays, in the Search field in the middle of the window, enter Oracle

3. Click on Oracle Smart View 64-Bit for Office to expand that tile, revealing the current version 

4. If the version listed is less than 21.100, the user will need to upgrade to the latest version and follow the steps in the next section 

Upgrade to Latest Version

1. Before proceeding, verify all Microsoft Office Programs are fully closed: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, etc.

a. Open the Task Manager by right-clicking any blank space within the toolbar, in the dialog box, select Task Manager

b. If the dialog box shown below doesn't display, select More Details

c. In Apps section, closeout any Microsoft programs, highlighting each with a single click, in the bottom right corner of the Task Manager dialog box, select End Task

d. Repeat for each Microsoft Application until no more remain under Apps and then close Task Manager

2. Starting from Step #3 in the Verify Current Version instructions, in Apps & Features, for Oracle Smart View 64-bit for Office, select Uninstall, then select Uninstall once more in the secondary dialog box

3. Follow the prompts and click OK once a successful Uninstall message displays

4. Download the ZIP file containing the latest version:

5. From the Downloads folder, locate the ZIP file, select it (single click), then right-click and select Extract All

6. From the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders dialog box, select Extract

7. Within the extracted folder that displays, locate SmartView.exe, right-click, and select Run as Administrator

8. In the Do you want to allow this app to make changes dialog box, select Yes

9. Click OK

10. Follow the prompts to install, will take approximately 15 seconds and then displays a success message, click OK

Verify Smart View Installed Properly in Excel 

1. Open Excel, click File at the top left corner of Excel, towards the bottom, select Options  

2. In Excel Options, click Add-ins in the left column  

3. Verify that two Oracle Smart View Add-ins for Office, the Excel Add-in and the COM Add-in, are listed under the Active Application Add-ins section 

4. Close Excel and reopen

a. If the two Smart View Add-ins are not listed, at the bottom of the screen at the Manage area

b. Change Excel Add-Ins to Disabled Items, and click Go

c. In new dialog box, select Oracle Smart View for Office, click Enable, then restart Excel, the two Add-ins should now be visible


5. After installation is complete, establish a connection with an EPBCS database. 

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.