How to Process Non-Employee (Guest) Travel in Concur


This article highlights the specifics to non-employee Guest Travel. The process for claiming Expenses for non-employee Guest Travel is similar to employee travel with a few differences by identifying the traveler as a non-employee in Concur. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

To Create a Guest Travel Request

Once the Guest Traveler has been set up with a Payee account in PaymentWorks, create a Travel Request for the Guest Traveler in Concur.
1. After you select Requests > New Request, complete the Request Header.
2. In the Request Header, confirm:

a. Request Type: Travel Request.
b. Trip Name: Trip reference, such as Guest Travel and traveler's name, e.g. Guest Travel: Emma Person.
c. Traveler Type: Non-employee.
d. All remaining required fields for the trip.

3. In Business Purpose/Additional Information enter, the Guest Traveler’s name, Payee ID and purpose of business travel.


4. On the Expected Expenses section, add the estimated Travel Expenses.

a. Final Expense amounts and details are to be claimed post-travel on the Expense Report.

5. Select Attachments to provide any attachments, if necessary.

6. After completing the Guest Travel Request, select Submit Request for approval:

a. Approval routing is the same as for employee travel.

7. Once the Guest Travel Request is approved, you may create the Travel Expense Report.

To Create a Guest Travel Expense Report

1. From Concur Requests, locate the approved Request and click the Create Expense Report button on the top right corner.

2. The Expense Report will copy the information you had previously entered in the Request Header to the Report Header.
3. In the Report Header, complete the following:

a. Payee (Non-employee)#/Name: Enter the Guest Traveler's Full Name as provided in the Payee Registration (Last Name, First Name).
b. Payee (Non-Employee) Address: Select the proper remittance address (PYMT ACH/PYMT CHK).

Adding Expenses

1. For each Expense added to the Report, complete the following:

a. Expense Type: From the drop-down menu, select the category that closely matches the travel Expense.
b. Transaction Date: Enter the date of the purchase.
c. Payment Type: Payment to Payee (Non-employee) by ACH/Check or wire.
d. Amount: Enter the amount of the claimed Expense.
e. Currency: (Defaults to USD) Select from the drop-down menu if other currency is applicable.
f. Payee (Non-employee) #/Name: Enter the Guest Traveler's Full Name as provided in the Payee Registration (Last Name, First Name).
g. Payee (Non-employee) Address: Select the proper remittance address (PYMT ACH/PYMT CHK).

NOTE: If the guest's hotel/airfare expenses were paid with a University payment method (CTS Card, Temporary Virtual Card) the Payment Type field will auto-populate and can't be edited.

h. If wire is the preferred method of payment, select Payment to Payee (Non-employee) - Wire, refer to KB0032371: How to Process a Travel Wire. 

2. Once the Expense Report has been submitted by the employee and has gone through the approval flow, the Concur document will be sent to OFC for payment and reimbursement will be sent to the guest traveler.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket  here or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.