How to Establish a Connection Between Smart View and EPBCS


This guide demonstrates how to establish a connection between the Smart View Excel Add-In and an EPBCS database to enable data entry for the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Tool.

Essential Information

Next Steps 

1. Open Excel and create a new blank workbook, an active sheet must be open.

2. Select the Smart View tab and click on Panel. 

3. In Smart View Home, select Private Connections. 

4. At the bottom of the Panel, click on Create new connection.

5. In the Smart View dialog box, under, Select the new connection provider type, click on Smart View HTTP Provider.

6. In the Add Connection - URL dialog box, enter the following in the URL field here.

7. Click Next, the URL only needs to be entered the first time you connect, the URL will be saved for future connections.

8. A login window will display -- sign into EPBCS, using Company Sign In.

9. Once logged in to Oracle, in Excel, a Script Error dialog box will display, click Yes.

10. If you need to add a connection to a new environment, i.e. training, repeat Steps #2-9.

11. To switch between saved connections, in Excel, select Smart View Private Connections server drop-down list.


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