How to View SPARCM Generated Billing for Sponsor Initiated Clinical Trials


This article guides readers on examining Billing and Invoice information generated by SPARCM for Sponsor-initiated Clinical Trials. It provides insights and instructions, enabling users to effectively navigate and interpret the relevant data, facilitating a better understanding of financial aspects in the context of these clinical trials.

Essential Information

Searching by Award number will bring up all invoices pertaining to that Award.

Next Steps

1. Navigate to

2. Click BI & Financial Reporting.

3. Click Receivables & Cash Operations Panoramas and Launch

4. Select the SPARCM Invoice OFC Transaction Link report.

5. The report will bring up three search fields:

a. Searching by Award Number will bring up all Invoices pertaining to that Award.

b. Searching by the SPARCM Invoice Number or AR Transaction Number will bring up a specific Invoice. Use a wildcard search to view all invoices. For example, enter %89AC0A% to search for invoice 89AC0A0002, or %2004568% for invoice 20045680005.


6. Once the report has been run, it will list the following:


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