How to Check the Status of a Purchase Order Change Order


The article describes how to check the approval status of a change order submitted against a Purchase Order (PO) in Oracle Procurement.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Navigate to the Purchase Order

  1. In Oracle, click Procure to Pay, then Purchase Orders.
  2. In the Purchase Order module, click the Magnifying Glass at the right.
  3. Enter the Purchase Order number in the search box, then use the Enter key.

Navigate to the Change Order

  1. View approved change orders by clicking Actions then View Document History.
  2. If there is a pending change order, it will appear below the Order Life Cycle.
    1. Description: Entered by the PO Requisitioner to describe the change order.
    2. Status: Pending Approval (any rejected or approved change orders will be in the Document History).
    3. Initiator: PO Requisitioner
    4. Amount Changed: If applicable, the amount requested to be increased or decreased.
  3. Click the Change Order number to open the change order.

Review the Change Order

  1. Any fields that have been changed will be indicated with a blue dot.
  2. Click Pending Approval to view whose approval the change order is pending.
    1. The final step in blue indicates the current step.
    2. Steps beginning with a number indicate financial unit approval.
      1. Contact your approvers for status: KB0032242: How to Look Up User Roles in Oracle.
    3. Steps referencing a list of names indicate professional buyer approval.
      1. Submit a ticket with the categories Buying Goods & Services - Oracle Procurement - Revising or Canceling an Order to inquire about status.
    4. The approval tree on a change order has the same roles and rules as the requisition approval tree.
      1. KB0032062: How to Check Requisition Status in Oracle Procurement.


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