GRC Module: How to Create a Transaction Model


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Select the Risk Management tab

2. Select Advanced Controls icon

3. Select the Models icon

4. In Active Models, select Actions menu, then Create Transaction Model

5. In Create Transaction Model, enter Name and Description

6. Next to Model Objects, select the + symbol 

7. Search for the Business Object Name needed and select the + symbol next to the object, and it will change to this icon

8. Select the Done arrow to the left of Select Business Objects to go back to the prior screen

9. In Model Logic section, select the Add Filter button

10. In the Filter dialog box, enter the Name, select the Object and Attribute for the filter and then specify the Condition, Type, and Value needed, then select OK to complete the individual filter

11. Repeat Steps #9-10 for additional filters

12. Select Save and Close to complete the initial setup

13. From the Models list, select the newly created access model to open it, and click the Security Assignment button

14. To the right of the User Assignment or Group Assignment sections, select Add

15. Select the appropriate User Name or Group name, confirm the Authorized As value, and click Save

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