Correcting Rejected Invoices


This article provides instructions for correcting rejected invoices

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Correcting "Rejected" Invoices

1. From the Oracle home page, select Projects and Awards tab

2. Select Contract Invoices module

3. Expand the right-hand Task Pane, and under Review and Adjust, select Manage Invoices

4. Enter "UCSD CAMPUS" in the Business Unit textbox

5. Delete the automatically generated Date and continue the search via Contract Number

6. Under Search Results, highlight the desired line, and open the Number hyperlink

7. In the Actions dropdown menu, select Return to Draft Status

8. Once in "Draft" status, open the Actions dropdown menu again, and select Delete


9. A Warning window will open, select OK

10. Open the right hand task panel, and select Manage Events; then enter the appropriate Business Unit, search the Contract Number, and select the desired Event Number hyperlink

11. Review the required corrections:

    1. Event Type can only be "Milestone, Fee, or Other"
    2. missing Project Name
    3. and/or missing Transaction Task Name

12. Save and Close

13. The Generate Invoices job runs overnight to create the new "Draft" invoice with the Event corrections

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket