How to Process Group Travel in Concur


This article highlights the specifics of Group Travel.

Essential Information

Next Steps

To Create a Group Travel Request

After you select Requests > New Request, complete the Request Header

1. In the Request Header, enter trip details and to indicate it is Group Travel, confirm:

a. Request Type: Travel Request

b. Trip Name: enter trip reference, such as Group Travel and date of trip.

c. Traveler Type: Group

d. All remaining required fields for the trip are similar to an individual Travel Request.

2. On the Expected Expenses sections, add the estimated Travel Expenses.

  1. A Group Travel Request is the equivalent to a pre-authorization required for UCSD business travel.
    1. Travel Requests are simply to inform your department of the expected expenses and they do not issue payment.  
  2. Final Expense amounts and details are to be claimed post-travel on the Expense Report.

3. Select all of the Expected Expenses and click Allocate to add your Chart of Account

NOTE: Required fields: Financial Unit, Approver, Project, Task, Fund (only required if not using a Project), Function (only required if not using a Project)

  1.  The Chart of Account is now added at the Allocation level and not at the Header level. 

4.  After completing the Group Travel Request, select Submit Request for approval.

  1. Approval routing is the same as for employee travel.

5. Once the Group Travel Request is approved, you may create the Group Travel Expense Report.

To Create a Group Travel Expense Report

1. From Requests > Manage Requests, click into the approved Request and select the Create Expense Report button.

2. On the next screen, the Expense Report Header will automatically populate with information entered in the Travel Request Header, review for accuracy.

3. A Group List of Travelers is required and should identify the group leader and include all traveler names and their affiliations, to add a list:

  1. Select Add Expense > Create New Expense > List of Attendees

b. Enter the transaction date (start date of the trip).

c. Attach the list of attendees using Attach Receipt Image.

d. Click Save Expense

4. To add the Group Travel Expenses select Add Expense.

NOTE: The group leader, or T&E Cardholder, should utilize their Travel & Entertainment Card for the group's travel Expenses, T&E card transactions will show under Available Expenses.

5. Select Available Expenses to add a University Card Product transaction (CTS/T&E Card) or choose Create New Expense to add an out-of-pocket expense.

5. Once you add the expenses for the Group Trip, select all of the expenses and click Allocate to choose your Chart of Account.

NOTE: Required fields: Financial Unit, Approver, Project, Task, Fund (only required if not using a Project), Function (only required if not using a Project)

  1.  The Chart of Account is now added at the Allocation level and not at the Header level. 


6. Once you have finished adding all of your expenses and you have Allocated them, you can click on Submit Report.

To add Group Meals and Incidentals Paid by the Group Leader

If meals were a part of the hotel charge and were included on the hotel folio, please follow the steps under Hotel Group. 

1. In Expense Type, from the list, select Group Meals and Incidentals.

2. Enter information in all of the required fields as instructed in Step 4 above.

3. Select Attendees

4. On the next screen, select Add.

5. On the next screen, select Attendees and select Group of Attendees (100 or less) from the drop-down menu and select Create New Attendee.

6. Add Event Name, create relevant group description and select Create Attendee.

7. On the next screen, select Cancel.

8. Update the Attendee Count and select Save.

  1. This will calculate the cost per person.

9. Attach a list of meal participants under Attach Receipt Image and select Save Expense.

To Add Hotel Group Paid by the Group Leader

1. In Expense Type, select Hotel Group and enter all the required information:

a. Enter the Lodging Location. 

b. Enter Number of Nights.

c. Enter Number of Rooms.

d. Select an answer from the drop down-menu for Did any traveler’s room rate exceed $333 question.

e. Attach a detailed hotel folio.

2. Select Itemizations

  1. In the Itemizations Tab, using the breakdown of charges on the hotel folio, complete the applicable fixed field(s) and select Save Itemization.

NOTE: The room rates will automatically calculate based on the remaining amount after the applicable fields are entered.

3. Once all the charges have been itemized, the remaining balance will be zero.

4. Save Expense.

5. Repeat the steps above to add any remaining travel Expenses, for detailed instructions, please refer to KB0032014: How to Submit a Travel Expense Report in Concur.

6. After all Expenses have been added to the Expense Report, select Submit Report.

NOTE: Once the Group Travel Expense Report has been submitted by the employee and has gone through the approval flow, the Concur document will be sent to Oracle Financial Cloud for payment and reimbursement will be sent to the group leader.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.