How to run the Generate Invoices job


This article highlights how to run the generate invoices job in Oracle. Additionally, it depicts how to validate the invoice was created, and also how to create multiple invoices. The Generate Invoices job is automatically run 1 time a day. This job is now customized so Campus Users can also run the Generate Invoices job per contract to populate individual PPM invoices. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

Run the Generate Invoices job

  1. Open the Oracle home page.
  2. Select the Projects and Awards tab.
  3. Select the Contract Invoices module.
  4. Open the right-hand task panel > under Process, select Generate Invoices.
  5. Under the Generate Invoices tab, complete the following fields:
    1. Business Unit
    2. Bill-Through Date (enter for Cost Reimbursable Contracts): change to the date you want billed through.
    3. Contract Number (enter only one)
    4. Delete Approved and Approval Rejected Invoices: change to "No"
    5. Generate Ineligible Data: change to "Detail"
  6. Select Submit
  7. Confirmation window pops up with Process ID#* and select OK.
    1. *If running multiple jobs, note the Process ID# (i.e. 2920233)
    2. Under the Overview tab, expand the Process Monitor section and select the Refresh button to view the Process ID Status until the Status is "Succeeded" (note, the term "Succeeded" means the job RAN successfully; it doesn't necessarily mean that Draft invoices were successfully generated).             
    3. If the Process Monitor section is missing some columns, open the View dropdown > select Columns > check the following:
      1. Process Name
      2. Process ID
      3. Status
      4. Scheduled Time
      5. Completion Time
      6. View Output
      7. Parameters
      8. View Log
    4. If errors occur, troubleshoot using the "Generate Invoices: Generate Report"
      1. Parameters will reference the Generate Invoices job Process ID
    5. To view data: View Output > select Default Document > opens detailed data Output
      1. Select Republish > opens new window to load an easier version to view report

Validate the Invoice was Created

  1. Return to the Contract Invoices module.
  2. Open the right-hand task panel > under Review and Adjust, select Manage Invoices
  3. In the Search parameters.
    1. Enter the Business Unit.
    2. Enter the Contract Number.
    3. Delete the automatically generated Date.
    4. select Search
  4. If no errors occurred, the "Draft" invoice will be generated on the last row of the Search Results.
  5. Open the "Draft" invoice, review, and Submit for approval.

Creating Multiple Invoices*

  1. First create a singular Event.
  2. Run the Generate Invoices job per the instructions above.
  3. Review the "Draft" invoice and Submit for approval.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each Event (this prevents multiple Events from generating on a single Invoice).
    1. If multiple Events are desired on a single Invoice, create ALL Events first, then run the Generate Invoices job.


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