How to Set Up a Recharge Operation in PPM


This article will layout how established Recharge Operations should be set up in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and complete transactions operating with the following Funds:

Critical Concepts

PPM Setup


  1. Each approved Recharge Operation (each approved proposal) should have only one Recharge Project set up in PPM
  2. The Project prefix should begin with REC
  3. In IFIS, each Recharge Operation (approved proposal) had a unique Fund and transactions for the Recharge Operation were tracked by IFIS Fund
  4. In Oracle, each Recharge Operation (approved proposal) will have a unique Project and transactions for the Recharge Operation will be tracked in Tasks within the Project
  5. There should only be one REC Project for each IFIS Recharge Fund that was converted
  6. PPM should not have unique Projects for Differential Income and Equipment Reserves


Create Task(s) under the Recharge Project for the following reasons:

    1. To track various Financial Units and Services by the Recharge Operation
    2. For any associated Equipment Renewal & Replacement Reserves, if applicable
    3. For any associated Differential Income Reserves, if applicable
    4. For any associated Subsidy, if applicable

The RMP Application or API used to process Project Costs will also need to be used to Funds from Tasks for Recharge Operating Funds to Tasks for Reserves

A Cost Transfer can not be processed between those types of Tasks because the costs have not already occurred

Expenditure Type 

  1. Each IFIS Recharge Fund should have at least one unique Expenditure Type for the Debit, which is the Expense to the service receiver
  2. Debit Expenditure Type Accounts will start with 770 
  3. Credit Expenditure Type Accounts will start with 775 and pairs with the Debit Accounts listed above respectively
  4. Each Project should have one Expenditure Type for each Recharge billing and some Projects may have more than one Expenditure Type

Example: 1:1 Project: Bio fly kitchen (operation)

Expenditure Type: Bio fly kitchen

Example 1:Many Projects: Animal Care Program (operation)

Expenditure Type 1:  Husbandry
Expenditure Type 2:  Animal acquisition
Expenditure Type 3:  Technical services

PPM Setup

Project: REC (Recharge Operation Name)

Task 1:  Recharge Operation Name (+ Fund)

Task 2:  Recharge Operation Name (+ Equipment Renewal Repl Fund)

Task 3:  Recharge Operation Name (+ Differential Income Fund)

Task 4:  Service Line 1 Name

Expenditure Type Name:  Recharge Operation Name

The setup above allows for tracking and linking associated segments to the approved operation

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