How to Use the Approval Status Dashboard


This article demonstrates how budget preparers make updates and complete the Approval step for Financial Unit Budgeting using Form 6.2 Approval Status Dashboard in the Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS).

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. From the Oracle Planning and Budgeting home page, click on Tasks.

2. Navigate to Task List 6 Review and Approve Budget Plans. Expand the triangle to display Task 6.2 Approval Status Dashboard, and click to load the form.

3. The 6.2 Approval Status Dashboard displays with the following:

  1. Assigned Financial Units available for tracking of status​​
  2. 3 columns display Status for each planning step: Staffing, Faculty, and Financial Statements
  3. 2 columns distinguish Department Completion versus VC Approval Status
    • First 4 columns provide options to select: Not Started, In Progress, Completed and the 5th column final VC Approval step.​

4. Once a user enters and saves budget data in a planning form of any Task List, the dashboard cells will automatically change from Not Started to In Progress, except VC Approval Status which requires manual action by the user.

5. Once budget entries within a Planning Task are fully completed, take the following steps to update the dashboard:

a. Locate the desired Financial Unit row

b. Hover in the grid over the intersection of the Financial Unit and Status column. Use the drop-down menu to select a status indicator

c. In Entries dialog box, select the desired Status, e.g. Completed, then close dialog box.

6. Click Save to initiate the dashboard changes:

a.  When the first 3 columns within a row are marked Completed and the Save action is selected, the 4th column Department Completion Status will automatically update to Completed.

7. Once the dashboard is fully completed and changes are saved, all cells within a Financial Unit row will appear as denoted by the status color green.

8. After a Financial Unit row is marked Completed and Approved, and a change is made in a planning task, the dashboard will revert back to In Progress in the Status column depending on where the change was made in the planning tasks. When a change is made in the staff or faculty planning tasks, the Financial Status column will also revert to In Progress.

9. Actions to take as a Approver/Reviewer if the dashboard changes post final approval:

a. Coordinate with the Budget Preparer to identify the change
b. Verify the data
c. The budget user must manually update the dashboard to reflect the change.


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