How to Process Interlocation Transfer of Funds


An Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ILTF) is a transfer between Campuses or UCOP that usually result in net increases or decreases in the level of Budgeted Resources for involved Campuses

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Incoming ILTF’s

1. Provide UCSD’s Campus FAU (Full Accounting Unit) chart string:

a. LOC1 (XX): use 06 for UCSD Campus location Code

b. LOC2 (XX): use 01 since UCSD controls the Account

c. ACCOUNT_CODE (785XXE): e.g. UCB, the Campus we are receiving Funds from, use the Account Code 78501E

d. Fund (XXXXX): determine the Fund Number to receive the transfer and use the level D Fund

1. The from and to Funds must be in the same Fund Group Code
2. The level D Fund usually ends in D, however, some level D Funds were uploaded in CAFP with an alpha in the beginning

199XX Funds = level D Fund Z99XX
18XXX Funds = level D Fund Z8XXX

e. Sub (XX): Use 08

f. Campus Specific Reference Code: must provide the full COA chartstring including POETAF where the Funds need to be applied

2. UCSD will also need to provide the Unexpended Balance or Revenue Account to the other Campus

a. Use level E Account below based on the UCSD Fund used, e.g. if using a 19XXX Fund, use 48100E

3. Incoming ILTF example: UCLA is sending Funds to UCSD with 19900 Funds, UCSD’s FAU is:


a. In addition, provide UCSD’s full COA chart string to include in the ILTF explanation

Outgoing ILTF’s

Complete the Excel ILTF form with the appropriate information according to the example below, each form requires four lines:

a. Debit UCSD Budgetary line
b. Credit UCSD Offsetting Revenue line
c. Credit Other UC Budgetary line
d. Debit Other UC Offsetting Revenue line 

1. Loc1: Enter the Local Campus Numeric Code 

2. Loc2: Indicates who controls the Account

a. UCSD will use Loc1 = 06 and Loc2 = 1

b. Transfers to/from UCOP should have Loc1 = 04 and Loc2 = 2

c. UCOP’s Accounts are housed at the Los Angeles campus 04

3. Corporate Account: All ILTF forms require a Budget entry for both the sending and receiving Campuses

a. Each UC Campus and UCOP have unique Account formats as they relate to Accounts 
b. For UCSD Budgetary line, use level E Intercampus Recharge Debit Account 780XXE e.g., for UCB where Funds are going to use 78001E

c. For UCSD Offsetting Revenue line, use level E Account below based on the UCSD Fund used

d. For other UC Campus Budgetary line and Offsetting Revenue lines, obtain Corporate Account from receiving Campus
e. For other UC Campus’ still on the old COA, the Offsetting Revenue Account is based on the first five digits of the old Fund Code

4. Fund

a. For UCSD Fund, use the level D Fund described in the Incoming ILTF’s section above

b. For other UC Campus Fund, obtain Fund Number from receiving Campus

5. Sub: Enter the Sub-Account, use sub 8 for Unallocated  

6. Transaction Description: Indicate the Campus Location and Corporate Account Number that the Funds are coming from and going to

a. Transfers that involve local Campus Funds should use Numerical Campus Location Codes in the description

1. Local Campus Funds transferred from San Diego, e.g. enter Fr: 6-XXXXXX, (XXXXXX = Account Code)

2. Local Campus Funds transferred to Irvine, e.g. enter To: 9-XXXXXX

b. Transfers that involve Systemwide Funds should use Alphabetic Campus Location Codes in the description

1. Systemwide Funds from UCOP, e.g. enter Fr: M-XXXXXX, (XXXXXX = Account Code)

2. Systemwide Funds to San Diego, e.g. enter To: O-XXXXXX

7. GL Transfer From (DR.)/To (CR.): Enter dollar amount with no sign and include cents
8. Perm. Trf. From (DR.)/To (CR.): N/A
9. Full Accounting Unit: Enter the full OFC and POETAF chartstring
10. Department Prepared by, Date and Email: Enter the preparer’s first and last name, prepared date and preparer’s email address
11. Department Approved by and Date: Enter department’s appropriate approver’s first and last name and approval date
12. GA Approval by and Date: Completed by General Accounting
13. Explanation: Enter a detailed description of the transfer and the full OFC and POETAF chartstring

Outgoing ILTF example: UCSD is sending funds to UCLA with 19900 funds

Debit UCSD Budgetary line  6-1-78004E-Z9900-8
Credit UCSD Offsetting Revenue line6-1-48100E-Z9900-8
Credit Other UC Budgetary line  Obtain FAU from UCLA
Debit Other UC Offsetting Revenue line Obtain FAU from UCLA

Simplified Operating Fund Initiative (SOFI)- if applicable

Outgoing Transfers: UCSD department that has SOFI Funds and needs to send legacy Funds to another Campus

Incoming Transfers:

Submit the completed ILTF form through UCSD Services & Support
About: Financial Accounting
Related to: General Accounting Support
More Specifically: Interlocation Transfer of Funds Submissions/Inquiries

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket