How to Request a Concur Approver Role


This article guides you through the process of setting up Concur approvers for your Financial Unit. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Navigate to the Services and Support website here.

2. Select the link for BUDGET & FINANCE.

3. Select the link for Get Help & Request Service.

4. In Access Request, select the link for Oracle and Concur Role Requests.

5. In Submitted by, the person who is making the request is automatically populated on the form.

6. In Requested for, enter the name of the UCSD employee who is to be granted access, if the request is for yourself, enter your name.

7. In Standard and Elevated RolesDoes the person approve financial transactions or cost transfers in Oracle and Concur? select Yes, for all others, select No 

8. Check the box next to the acknowledgement statement and click Next.

9. If successful, the Oracle & Concur Approvers section will display;

a. Click into the box or click the blue toggle/display icon to open the next set of questions.

b. This form does not transfer or remove roles.

10. Select Yes to the applicable roles (example above)

a. The 1st question to have Financial Unit Approver roles added

b. The 2nd question is not related to a Concur role

b. The 3rd question is for the Department Head role (Standard Entertainment Approver)

c. The 4th question is for the Special Entertainment Approver role

d. The 5th question is for the Procurement Card Administrator role

NOTE: An approver can only have a Department Head approver role or a Special Entertainment role, not both.

11. Enter in the Financial Unit(s) that this individual should have authorized approval authority for: 

a. Search by Financial Unit Number or Financial Unit Name. 

b. For the first three questions, multiple Financial Units can be selected.

c. For the Department HeadSpecial Entertainment, and Procurement Card Department Administrator roles, selecting Yes, requires attaching completed delegation of approval authority forms.

d. If the completed form is not provided, best practice is for the Request should be rejected by the role approver and a new Request will need to be submitted.

e. Links to these forms are at the top of this article.

f. Completed Delegation of Authority must be signed by Vice Chancellor for Department Head roles, and a Delegation Letter must be signed by the Chancellor for Special Entertainment Approver roles.

12. Select Yes or No to all four questions - select No to all questions not applicable to your Role Request.

13. In Summary details, role Requests are provided, confirm roles, select Edit Options or Submit.

14. All Role Requests will route for Financial Unit approval.

a. Role Requests for Department Head and Special Entertainment Roles will additionally route to IPPS for approval.

15. Role approvers assigned to the Financial Units selected must approve Role Requests within the Services & Support tool.

a. In the Services & Support tool, in My Stuff tab at the top of the page, then Approvals.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.