How to Assign a Shopping Cart or Requisition in Oracle Procurement


This article will describe how to assign your shopping Cart to another employee in Oracle Procurement

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Complete the Shopping Cart by searching for and adding the desired products and other required information including the delivery Room Number

2. Select the arrow next to Save, then Save and Close to close the cart

3. By default, this cart has been assigned to you

4. In Requisitions > Recent Requisitions, select the Incomplete requisition, by selecting the Requisition Number

5. If the requisition is no longer in your Recent Requisitions, you may also search for it in Manage Requisitions

6. In Actions, select Reassign

7. In the Reassign Requisition dialog box, enter an employee by Last Name, First Name, when the employee displays, select their name

8. Click the checkbox to Send notification to this person, click OK

9. In the Confirmation dialog box, click OK

10. The Requisition is now removed from your Recent Requisitions

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