How to Request Oracle and Concur Roles


 This article will describe how to determine existing roles and how to request new Oracle and Concur roles

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

 Tasks Prior to Submitting an Oracle & Concur Access Request

Completing the Oracle and Concur Role Request

Health System Employees Requesting Oracle & Concur Approver Roles

Services & Support Role Approvers & How to Approve Role Requests

Role Assignment Review Process

  1. After Financial Unit approval, roles requests will be reviewed for separation of duties, conflicts by internal controls
  2. Separation of duties is necessary to ensure transactions are being completed in a manner that prevents errors or fraud
  3. Roles that are identified as elevated will be reviewed for proper access by domain leads
  4. Once roles are approved by the department and central office, the user will be provisioned in Oracle and Concur
  5. The approver and individual provisioned will receive notification through an email

What to do if your role request does not close?

  1. Submit a Ticket to have the Security Team review the status of your request
  2. Select the following options on the form
    1. I want to: Ask a Question or Make a Request
    2. About: Access Requests to Financial Systems
    3. Related to: Oracle Financials Cloud
    4. More Specifically: Oracle Financials Cloud (Access or Role Inquiries)
    5. Subject: Need update on RITM(insert number)
  3. The Security Team can manually assign Oracle roles that were approved and not provisioned yet

Role Conflicts to Avoid

We highly recommend that role requestors check the Campus User Roles report before requesting additional approver roles. Monitoring efforts have been established to resolve these conflicts.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket