How to Search for a UCID by PO Number


This article walks users through the steps to determine whether a UCID (Unique Commodity Identifier) was issued for asset(s) associated with a Purchase Order (PO). It provides a clear guide, offering instructions to help readers check and verify the issuance of UCIDs for specified assets within the procurement process. 


Essential Information

Key Terms:

Next Steps

  1. Determine that you have Campus Asset Management System (CAMS) access.
    • You will only be able to look up assets under your assigned Financial Units (FinU).
    • Contact your Department Security Administrator (DSA) to request access.
  2.  Log into CAMS.
  3. Click on the “Reports” tab
  4. Prepare the Filters:
    • Under Filter Column, select “PO/Reference Number.”
    • Under Filter Operator, select “contains.”
    • Under Filter Expression, enter the PO number you need to look-up.
  5. Click “Run Report”
  6. You can then click into the asset(s), click the View icon, to make any necessary updates to the asset record, or download the report to Excel by clicking “Download”. The report will download as a .csv. Be sure to save the file as a .xlsx.

  7. To display more asset details, use the Edit Report side bar and select data you wish to include in your report. Once data display is complete, click View to see your report.


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