How to Approve and Push a Commitment in EPBCS using Smart View


This article covers how to approve and push a Commitment on Task 7.3 Enter Commitment Details, which is the fourth step of processing a Commitment record in the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT)

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Procedure A

  1. Open Excel workbook and connect to EPBCS Planning environment
  2. Login using Single Sign-On
  3. Navigate to Task 7.2 Enter Basic Commitment Data
  4. With Task 7.2 form open in the sheet, search for the relevant CTID by using the Ctrl + F key combination
  5. Click the Find All or Find Next buttons until you navigate to the correct Base Commitment or Reclass Commitment record

    • From the POV, you may change the Financial Unit selection to the Financial Unit you are working on in order to narrow down the results in the form
    • Likewise, if you are unable to find the CTID you are looking for, make sure your Financial Unit selection is broad enough
    • You are able to select a single Financial Unit or a parent level member of the Financial Unit hierarchy

  6. Right-click on any cells within Column A-G of the active commitment row
  7. Select Smart View located at the bottom of the pop-up window to generate the Action Menu, and select one of the Details Time Horizon views

  8. This selection will generate a new sheet for Task 7.3 Enter Commitment Details, where you can enter additional information and take action on your Commitment
  9. Once all required fields are completed and you have reviewed your Commitment calculation, right-click on any blue cells within Column A
  10. Select Smart View located at the bottom of the pop-up window to generate the Action Menu, and select Approve and Push Commitment

  11. A window will appear indicating that the business rule is running and will display as successful once completed

    • If you receive an error message, verify that your Destination Project belongs to the selected Destination Financial Unit

  12. Your Commitment record should now show three indicators that your Commitment was successfully approved:
    • CT Pushed will display "Yes"
    • CT Approved Date and CT Push Date Out will display the current date


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