How to Perform Tasks as an Approver in Concur

There will be a new Request User Interface (UI) in Concur Starting October 2nd. The process outlined below will not change but the screenshots will be outdated. We'll be working on updating all related knowledge base articles in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, here is a video on the new UI updates.


This article serves as a guide for approving Requests and Expense Reports in Concur. 

Essential Information

Next Steps 

Video: How to Perform Tasks as an Approver in Concur (Reviewing Event Requests & Event Expense Reports)

Accessing and Navigating the Approvals Module

1. Log in to Concur, using your Single Sign-On credentials.

2. As an approver, the Approvals module will display in Concur.

3. Select the Approvals module.

4. In the Approvals Home section, two tabs display; Requests and Expense Reports, select the desired tab.

5. Both Requests and Expense Reports will display as a list.

6. Select the desired Request or Expense Report name.

7. The selected Request or Expense Report will display, review the document.

a. Approvers can edit the COA/POETAF information and Tax Exempt Codes if necessary

i. For updating COA/POETAF information, see KB0032252: How to edit and review Chart of Accounts (COA) information as an Approver.

ii. For updating Tax Exempt Codes, select the desired expense and update Tax Exempt Code if available.

b. Approvers can also change the name of the Expense Report to fit department naming conventions.

i. Select Details > Report Header

ii. Edit name as desired

8. Once reviewed, there are 3 actions to select from:

9. Send Back to User: This will reject the document and send it back to the preparer to make adjustments.

a. When sending back the document, it's required to leave a Comment for the user that made the Request or Expense Report.

b. Enter the Comment and click OK.

10. Approve: This action will approve the document and send it to the next approval stage (if applicable).

11. Approve & Forward:

a. This feature is not available to Financial Unit Approvers.

b. This will approve the document and allow you to add another Approver to the Approval Flow for an extra layer of approval.

c. This action will not replace the designated approvers that already exist; Financial Unit Approver, Department Head, Entertainment Approver, etc.

d. In Approve & Forward Report, enter User-Added Approver and Comment and click Approve & Forward.

d. To leave a comment in the Audit Trail, select Details, and under Report, select Comments.

e. In the dialog box, enter the Comment and then select Save.

Adding a Supervisor Approver

1. Users and their Delegates may request to add a Supervisory Approver to their Concur profile in accordance with their department’s internal policy.

2. To view if there is a Supervisor default approver, log in to Concur, select the Profile icon at the top right-hand corner and select Profile Settings.

3. Select Request Approvers or Expense Approvers to check if there is a Supervisor approver name listed under the first Default approver field.

Request Approvers:

Expense Approvers:

4. To add, change, or remove the Supervisor approver from the user’s Profile, submit a Services & Support case to IPPS (*More Specifically: Concur Navigation, or Procurement Card as applicable) to request that the Supervisor Approver be updated, removed, or added to the employee payee's Concur profile.

a. Only IPPS with approval privileges can make changes to the Request/Expense Default Approvers. 

Editing Workflow

1. In Approvals for either a Request or Expense Report, select Details and then Approval Flow.

2. The Approval Flow dialog box displays.

3. If you need to add an approver before an approval step, then select the + symbol on the right, this will add a field where you can search for an approver.

4. If you need to add an approver after an approval step, then select the + symbol on the left, this will add a field where you can search for an approver.

5. In this example, add an approver before the Department Head, therefore we will select the + symbol on the right.

6. A User-Added Approval field is added before the Department Head in the Approval Flow.

7. Search for the desired Approver - only users who have been given approval permissions in Concur will display.

a. You may add multiple Approvers using the (+) buttons as described above.

8. Once the desired Approver displays, select them.

9. Select Save Workflow in order to save your changes.

10. After saving the updated workflow, you may approve the document with this updated workflow by selecting Approve.

11. Once you approve the document, it will be routed to next approver in the workflow.

12. You are able to filter and view approved documents approved in the past by selecting Reports then View and the desired option.

Financial Unit Approver: Reviewing Expense Reports with Multiple Approvers/Allocations

Partial Allocation: This partially shaded-in pie chart icon signifies that the expense entry has been split-funded and it has been only partially allocated (<100%) to your Financial Unit, or chart string/project (COA/POETAF).

Financial Unit Approval: The paper/block icon will appear next to every expense that you as an Approver is responsible for approving; if there is no Partial Allocation icon, this also indicates that the expense entry/line item is fully allocated (100%) to your Financial Unit (COA/POETAF).


Next Steps:

  1. Open the expense report requiring your review and approval.
  2. Review the report information on the Header page for business purpose and summary.
  3. Ensure the accuracy of expenses and proper completion of information within the Concur document (including any attachments).
  4. Review the icons for each line item/expense entry to determine what is happening in the Expense Report.

    1. Review the $10 Rideshare expense in the above image (Expense A, outlined in yellow).

         Financial Unit Approval only (no Partial Allocation): The expense entry is fully allocated (100%) to your Financial Unit or COA/POETAF.

    1. Review the Taxi/Shuttle/Car Service expense entry (Expense B, outlined in blue).

 Partial Allocation + Financial Unit Approval: The expense is partially allocated to your Financial Unit; however, the expense line shows the total amount for the expense.

        1. Hover over the Allocations icon to view the % allocated to you – in this example, 50% of the $12 Taxi expense  (i.e. $6) is allocated to the Financial Unit 5000050.


        1. Note that the Field Expense was partially allocated and when expanded, you will only see the expense line(s) allocated to you.
        2. In this itemized expense example, $6 (Rideshare) of the total $14 (Field Expense) was allocated to your Financial Unit.
        3. Hover over the Allocation pie chart icon to see the actual % allocated to you.
        4. Review the individual expense line Rideshare (Expense C, outlined in yellow).


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