Payment Requests


This article is a step by step guide on how to submit a Payment Request. Please find the type of Reimbursement or Payment category you would like to process from the list below, complete any linked documentation, and attach it when completing the Payment Request form: Awards & Gifts, Fellowship, Honorarium/Miscellaneous Services, Human Subject Compensation (Direct payment to a participant), Insurance, Licenses, Membership Dues, Permits, Refunds, Rent/Lease, Sponsorship, Student Organization, Subscriptions, Visas, and Other. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Access the Budget and Finance Services and Support Portal here.
2. Select Get Help & Request Service at the top of the screen.

3. Scroll to the bottom to select Payment Request under Invoices & Payables.

4. Proceed to provide the information requested.

a. *Who is this request for? Please provide the name of the administrator that will be approving the Payment or the PI who is in charge of the Funding.

5. Add the COA/POETAF chartstring to your Payment Request.

a. Select Add

b. Enter in your COA/POETAF values.

c. If you are not sure as to what information to provide, please speak with your Fund Manager.

d. Failure to provide complete or accurate chartstring information will result in processing delays for your Payment Request.

e. If your chartstring involves a Project, please ensure to add the Task and the Expenditure Type.

f. Enter in the Payment Amount that will be tied to this chartstring.

g. Select Add

6. If you are splitting a Payment Request onto multiple separate chartstrings, please repeat the process until all Funds have been accounted for.

7. Add any additional instructions that you would like to communicate in the Additional Comments section.

8. Attach required and supporting documentation using the Add Attachments button.

9. Select Submit to submit your Payment Request.

10. Once a Payment Request has been submitted, you will receive an RITM number.

a. This number will serve as your reference for the Payment, both in Services and Support and in Oracle, allow time for our teams to process these documents.

To Check the Status of your Payment Request in Services and Support:

1. Select My Stuff from the top of the screen and select Tickets.

2. Search for your RITM number.

3. View the status of the Payment Request.

a. If there are any issues with your Payment Request, a member of the A/P team will contact you with further instructions.

4. Once the Payment Request has been processed and the status of the case is Closed Complete, you will be able to view your payment in Oracle.

a. Use your RITM number as the invoice number.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.